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Uttarakhand Striking Location for films During Monsoon

Shooting Uttarakhand MonsoonMonsoon in INDIA really gives one of the best and unforgettable natural scenery with greenery all around. And INDIAN CINEMA which produces largest films are always in search of monsoon places where they can shoot with mesmerizing natural beauty and one such place is UTTARAKHAND, where every INDIAN film wish to shoot once in their life as it gives much needed relief.

Rain is described as a link between heaven and earth and Uttarakhand gives live example to this. Where Valley of flower national park gives perfect example of heaven on earth with beautiful flowers and lush green trees, Nanda devi which is second highest mountain in India, looks like it has awake after a long sleep, Binsar wildlife sanctuary during rainy season feels like walking in most peaceful place with lush green background where wind continuously flirt with hair, the nearby river Malini which looks vibrant in monsoon and Nainital lake where rivers are in full swing.

Uttarakhand also hosts few festival and fairs which act as a center of attraction during monsoon as there are Devidhura fair bagwal, Olia/Ghee Sanskriti and Kandali festivals which give more exposure to Bollywood films to show insight cultures and beauties of INDIA. Apart from these during monsoon as the temperature of Uttarakhand range from 15 to 25 degree Celsius which gives a perfect indelible view for films.

And Samhills which is one of the most popular agency in Uttarakhand provides not only location to shoot film but accommodation, transportation facility, location permits, camera and equipment for all season.


KEDARNATH: Perfect Location to Shoot

kedarnath Film ShootingBollywood produces highest number of film with annual output of 1986 feature film. As a result producers are always in search for the perfect location with the stunning view at affordable cost.And one such place where Bollywood always prefer to shoot movies is KEDARNATH.

It is a small town in state of Uttrakhand primarily which gained its importance because of kedarnath temple. A town with the green and scenic beauty of with lush green landscape and Himalayan view, oak and pine forest which never fails to attract its tourist who comes from all over the world. It is located in the HIMALAYA about 3,583 m above sea level near Chorabari Glacier and is flanked by snow-capped peaks. It has mountains, rivers, lake, peak, forest, perfect weather, mesmerizing view which is main reason to prefer kedarnath. It is always blessed with abundance natural beauty that are reminiscent to heaven. Located in Himalaya is itself which describes the beauty of kedarnath

Kedarnath has all those location which film demand. A lake named vasuki tal which is sky line silver and a window clear has a mob of flies rose into air and a sap sweet hug of air. Rudhari falls whose waterfall is aquarium blue which drizzle onto rocks which is varnish clear. Garhwal Himalaya range where snow are whale-bone white. And a perfect weather suitable for all types of many films has been shot in kedarnath namely shubh manglam savdhan,  fitoor and upcoming movie itself with the name of kedarnath starred by sushant singh Rajput and sara ali khan .

Samhills is one of the most popular agency in uttrakhand which provides not only location to shoot film but accommodation, transportation facility, location permits, camera and equipments.


Roles and Responsibilities of Line Producer

Line producer is a first person who is hired by the film producers. They handle all the business aspects of the film production—means they try to put everything in line for only one film. They are known as line producer because they fix the above-the-line cost for writers, cast member, crewmember, directors, and below-the-cost for everything else required in a movie.

The script is given to the line producers for the development to access the below the line production cost. They decide the screenplay of the shot—means they break down it in a timetable that determines how long it will take to shoot one scene.

What Line Producer does?

Line producer schedule and estimates the cost of shooting each day. They produce a temporary budget to demonstrate the total amount required for funding. Once the producer raises the finance, the film will schedule for pre-production. Throughout the pre-production, directors, production managers, art director, first assistant director, and other department heads engage the line producers in preparing the production schedule, film set, and budget.

Technically, the line producer manages other pre-production activities—from hiring a production team, setting up the production office, dealing with site scouting, suppliers, selecting crew, and sourcing gadgets for the movie. Line producers hire most of the supporting side actors, contributors, and motion picture artist.

How They Manage The Production?

Through the production, the line producer gives the responsibility to manage the final budget of movie shooting to the production accountant. They hand over the day-to-day processes of the production to the manager and coordinator of production. However, the line producer is the main person to oversee everything—making sure the film production is complete within time is the specified budget.

Key Responsibilities of Line Producer

Line producer setup and execute the financial monitoring system, controlling production material and expenditure, overall monitoring, controlling, and checking the progress of movie production. They try to meet the ends of shooting so that it will finish on time. They cater the unforeseen situations; utilize their time to managing and juggling figures, and resources

Working on Film Shooting in Uttarakhand, remote location needs a head to take care of everyone’s need including health and safety parameters, food, equipment for shooting, shorting out an insurance claim, and at the end of the shooting, they oversee the winding up the things of shooting and production. The Line producer works on the freelance basis.


Film Line Production Manages the Expenses of Film Making

Making a film does not only requires actor, villain, etc. it also requires director, film line producer, and other staff for the successful shooting of the film. The film line producer is the first person hired in the film by the producers. The line producer is the main member of the production of the film as he handles the arrangements of the movie making. Technically, the film line producer manages the movie budget, also they manage the daily aspects of film production—means they handle the similar role as film line production managers.

In film line production, the producers do not act on the movies but take park as the creative team for the efficient crewmember. They choose the locations into the film so that audience thinks going there for a while.

What Is A Film Line Production Service?

The film line production is the core part of any movie making—it is specialization, the arrangement of films on location in India or another country. Samhills India the film line production in Uttarakhand is the leading  film producer in India with sufficient production team, high-class production facility, movie studio, and crewmember. They utilize the latest technology for a motion picture that is available at reasonable price.

The Bollywood film line production companies hire the line producers for ad agencies, documentary movies, and corporate filmmaking. It is their duty to show the cultural diversity and tradition of the places in a different angle, which you have never seen in the world. Means, it is their duty to choose the location for movie shooting either dehradun, haridwar, phenomenal monuments in New Delhi, exotic and other historical places in India, and natural beauty of places.

Work of Film Line Production

They facilitate the permit during the festivals folk and tribal dance, puppet shows etc. also manages the accommodation of film unit in hilly regions, with cultural colors and the real kings and queens picture who will appear in the movie or in commercials.

Hire the film line producers from Uttarakhand India with the authentic rural setting in the preferred locations. Many films makers have their own line production—so they do not need to hire from other production agency.

They sometimes hire the other crewmember of the team, negotiate a deal with local vendors, and handle the production unit. They rarely involve in the filmmaking but perform the crucial role in filmmaking.


Why Uttarakhand for Film Shooting Location?

film shooting location In order to promote natural beauty and hilly area of Uttarakhand, the government has planned to bring film shooting location in valleys of Uttarakhand. It has been a tourist destination and it is still famous for various water sports, trekking, and other adventurous sports. However, the government wants to increase the overall capital income of state and shooting film is most profitable and comfortable option for them. The host provides all the facilities to the movie makers and facilitates shooting process. As a part of development and growth, the government invites feedback regarding location, facilities, and current film making policy in Uttarakhand.

Why only Uttarakhand?

The idea of movie shooting in Uttarakhand is to locate scenic beauty of the dotting hills so that whole state becomes a famous tourism state rather than only Rishikesh, Dehradun, Haridwar, Nainital, and other known places. Its popularity as a tourist destination will increase and an improved economy will stop the migration from hills.

This is the reason, the government is promoting film making so that local people residing in hilly areas have income. Government is also facilitating online suggestions on the DIPR (Director of Information and Public Relations) website so that they will draft better film policy benefiting both film producers and local people.

Films Shot In Uttarakhand

Most of the movies shot on real events, that does not give the rich glimpse of the state but it has boost tourism. The charming locations like Valleys, Hills, and Villages of Uttarakhand, also magnificent British era forest research building was featured in Raag Desh movie. This film shows the struggle of freedom of India under Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, it took about a month for shooting around Dehradun. This movie shows the natural beauty of this state, red fort trail of Army and Indian army’s life in Uttarakhand.


Undefined Film shooting Location in Uttarakhand

Film shooting in Uttarakhand has been exciting and always lured film makers and directors to do more movies here like Dulhan Ek Raat Ki, Kati Patang, Arman, Student of the Year, Koi Mil Gaya, Rehna hai tere dil mein, vivah etc. The green and scenic beauty of with lush green landscape and Himalayan view, oak and pine forest increase its beauty. As per new amendment of policy by Governor K K Paul who has exempted all the films shot in the state from shooting charges, as per a government order. Samhills India – Film Line Production in Uttarakhand
There are various suitable locations for film shooting as mentioned below: 

1. Ali Bugyal

2. Chopta Valley

3. Ranikhet

4. Bedni Bugyal

5. Auli

6. Harsil

7. Almora

8. Gwaldam

9. Munsiyari

10. Rishikes


Ali Bugyal

Ali Bugyal: The captivating view of greenery and scenic beauty of the place makes it perfect for romantic movies to shoot here. Trekkingin Bedni Bugyal or Bedni Kund and Ali Bugyal, Roop Kund, Trishul Peak are few to name attractions of this place.




Chopta ValleyChopta Valley: Magnificient view of the place surrounded by Himalayas and greenery makes it irresistible place for film shooting. Tung and chandrashila are the best locations to shoot.





Raniket uttarakhand

Ranikhet: One of the top tourist place and hills,mini bunglow, calm terrains, Himalayan view define the true beauty of this place. This place is also known for temples like: Jhula Devi Temple, Haidakhan Temple, Up at golf Course, Dunagiri Temple.





Bedni Bugyal: Located at border of Garwal and Kumaon this place is one of the beautiful destinations in Uttarakhand with oak forests, enthralling treks adding value to this place. Bedni kund and Roopkund places are must watch.




Auli in Uttarakhand

Auli: It is located very close to Kashmir and gives the the feel of winters. Few places to experience here are Auli Ropeway, Narsingh Temple, Kwani Bugyal, Chattrakund, Joshimath and Gorson Bugyal. 





Harsil: Located on the banks of Bhagirathi River and fall. Gangotri too nearby makes the place more beautiful and eye catching. The place is so divine with the presence of Goddess Durga temple was brought here to protect it from adverse snowfall. Also, DharaliSattal Harsil, Wilson Cottage, Gangnani make it exceptional.




Almora: This place is perfect for nature lovers. The location is best to shoot some crime thriller and dense forest and markets adds value to this place.  Nanda Devi Temple, Deer Park, Kasar Devi, KalimatSimtola are main attractions one can visit anytime.




Gwaldam location uttarakhandGwaldam: This place ought to be convenient for film making as it is located on lower height. Angora Farm, Buddhist Khamba Temple, Macchi Tal are few of the best locations one can explore.

Apart from these locations, Tihari is the city in Uttarakhand where Shahid and Shraddha kapoor starrer “Batti gul meter chalu” film shooting has been going. “RifleMan Jaswant Singh Rawat” and “Student of the Year2” are few more to shoot in Uttarakhand.


Film line production in dehradunMunsiyari: one of the best location for film shooting comedy and romance based movies. Some of the prominent places to watch Birthi Falls, Nanda Devi Minsiyari, Madkot Village, Thamri Kund, Khaliya Top.





line production in uttarakhand

Rishikesh: Divine city and best known for temples is suitable to shoot fantasy or mythology movies. Some of the places one must visit are Lakshman Jhula, Ganga Aarti, Ram Jhula, Triveni Ghat, Neelkanth Mahadev.


Puspavati Valley of Uttarakhand Gives Romance a New Beginning

For movie shooting, directors always visit different locations hill stations, valley, Desert, river site, snow-covered hills, and villages of a different part of India. Among these places there is also a very famous place, which directors prefer for movie shoot—it is land of god, Uttrakhand. A mixture of scenic beauty, greenery, snow-covered mountains, is surrounded by Himalayan range. If you visit the Uttrakhand, you will see another valley called as Puspavati valley, a valley of flowers.

Here you can find Puspavati River flowing from the Uttarakhand mountains near flower valley on the way to Badrinath. River and Flower valley makes it very mesmerizing and enchanting location for movie shooting. It is perfect for action, romance, and escape away from a trip for youngsters.

Location Description of Pushpavati

Puspavati starts from the East Kamet Glacier, near Rataban located at the base of Himalayas. This location is near the Garhwal and Tibet border where you can shoot and anti-national movie in which 2-borders are required. Moreover, for the adventurous movie, the river is perfect flow from south direction to Bhyundar Ganga and later on, it combines with the stream of Laxman Ganga.

It is the perfect location for shooting Uttarakhand mythological, historical movie, TV series, and other short movie stories. Like in Gadar movie, the whole location was taken from Lucknow, Residency was Haveli of Amrish Puri, and in Veer Zaara, Bagha Border was India Border. Pushpavati valley is covered with a different kind of colorful flower in almost 23 Km from North-Northwest of Nada Devi Park. The best time for movie shooting is a month of August when flowers are in bloom.

This valley is 20 km from Nanda Devi National Park across the valley of Bhyundar Ganga. It is another hanging valley at the head of Bhyundar valley and shorter is Hemkund Valley.


Senere Location Shoots in Nanda Devi Peak in Uttrakhand

Movies are successful at the box office don’t just depend on the good script, acting, and songs in the movie, the location of the shooting also matter. The days are over in which artificial sets are prepared to shoot the movies, now directors prefer several location shoots for movie shooting. Bollywood, as well as Hollywood directors, choose the best hill stations in India for their action and romantic movie shooting. They often hunt for the best location that is famous for adventures sports as well as for romance. Nanda Devi is one of the Hill station in Gharwal region of Himalayas, mostly famous for trekking and other adventurous activities now also preferred location for film shooting. Here some of the best-unexplored shooting locations in Nada Devi in Uttrakhand that will no doubt pull any director to shoot here.

Ali Bugyalnd
Green is another name of Ali Bugyal, located at the height of 4000 meters is known for scenic beauty. Like shooting of Jab Tak Hai Jaan in Kashmir, senere location shoots are also possible here due to captivating greenery. It joins two soles with its eye-catching scenes—determines the perfect location for the movie.


Covered in white snow, Auli is perfect snow sheet near Nadi Devi hill area is the perfect location for movie shooting. Director can utilize this location for adventure sports for youngsters who go on a group tour and want to live to the fullest. Also, this place is famous for tourism.


A visual delight for eyes, it is located near the southern edge of Kumaon Hills wrapped with the ferns and Pine trees, is the best location to create mystery and horror. The presence of dense forest will definitely remind you of Raaz and 1920 movies.


Top Destinations in Uttarakhand for Seneric Shoots

Talking about enchanting views of the Himalayan ranges and cultural philosophy that tells the simplicity of people living amidst nature. Uttarakhand is the land of religious values, scenic beauty, and spirituality. Moreover, for tourists, there are top destinations in Uttrakhand where you cannot miss to go to experience water sports, hill climbing, and ashrams where you can connect with your inner self.

For adventure lovers, Uttarakhand has various things to do like—trekking to the height of the Himalayas, snow sailing, and various water sports like river rafting in Rishikesh and Haridwar. In one place it is a place of adventurous sports and in another place, it is known for holiness of Ganga River and spirituality. Take little time to visit top destinations in Uttarakhand.

Samhills provides locations in uttarakhand for scenic shots, T.V Commercials, Video shootings provides complete stuffs to make your project dream came in Uttarakhand. One of the finest state with peace and friendly culture milieu, Uttarakhand provides for extremely favourable and serene locations for shoots and film backdrops.

Dehradun—a capital city of Uttarakhand is located between the Himalayan ranges where River Ganga and the Yamuna flow either side of the city. It gives the glimpse of natural beauty and ancient constructions.

Nainital—it is a lake district of Uttarakhand, people visit here for its scenic beauty with mountains on all around. People cannot resist visiting here.

Mussoorie—the queen of hills, you can also experience the snow covered Himalayan ranges from here. Here winter us chilling and summers are pleasant.

Rishikesh—a perfect combination of adventure and tranquility, where you can experience rafting, camping, rafting, and much more. It is a yoga capital of the world.

Haridwar—a gateway to the lord, here you can feel the calm atmosphere. No matter how many people visit here, the atmosphere will remain calm and spiritual. You must visit to get this experience of Kumbh Mela, festivals, and Ganga Aarti.

Kedarnath—a place located in the Garhwal Himalayan Ranges is the holiest pilgrimage of Hindus. As per Hindus, visiting this temple will bring them Moksha.


“The idea is to ensure more films are shot in the scenic locales dotting the hill state and it gets publicised as a major tourist destination. Its popularity as a tourist destination will also improve the local economy that will also help check forced migration from the hills.”

– Pankaj Kumar Pandey, (DG) DIPR