Nanda Devi

Senere Location Shoots in Nanda Devi Peak in Uttrakhand

Movies are successful at the box office don’t just depend on the good script, acting, and songs in the movie, the location of the shooting also matter. The days are over in which artificial sets are prepared to shoot the movies, now directors prefer several location shoots for movie shooting. Bollywood, as well as Hollywood directors, choose the best hill stations in India for their action and romantic movie shooting. They often hunt for the best location that is famous for adventures sports as well as for romance. Nanda Devi is one of the Hill station in Gharwal region of Himalayas, mostly famous for trekking and other adventurous activities now also preferred location for film shooting. Here some of the best-unexplored shooting locations in Nada Devi in Uttrakhand that will no doubt pull any director to shoot here.

Ali Bugyalnd
Green is another name of Ali Bugyal, located at the height of 4000 meters is known for scenic beauty. Like shooting of Jab Tak Hai Jaan in Kashmir, senere location shoots are also possible here due to captivating greenery. It joins two soles with its eye-catching scenes—determines the perfect location for the movie.


Covered in white snow, Auli is perfect snow sheet near Nadi Devi hill area is the perfect location for movie shooting. Director can utilize this location for adventure sports for youngsters who go on a group tour and want to live to the fullest. Also, this place is famous for tourism.


A visual delight for eyes, it is located near the southern edge of Kumaon Hills wrapped with the ferns and Pine trees, is the best location to create mystery and horror. The presence of dense forest will definitely remind you of Raaz and 1920 movies.