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Uttarakhand Striking Location for films During Monsoon

Shooting Uttarakhand MonsoonMonsoon in INDIA really gives one of the best and unforgettable natural scenery with greenery all around. And INDIAN CINEMA which produces largest films are always in search of monsoon places where they can shoot with mesmerizing natural beauty and one such place is UTTARAKHAND, where every INDIAN film wish to shoot once in their life as it gives much needed relief.

Rain is described as a link between heaven and earth and Uttarakhand gives live example to this. Where Valley of flower national park gives perfect example of heaven on earth with beautiful flowers and lush green trees, Nanda devi which is second highest mountain in India, looks like it has awake after a long sleep, Binsar wildlife sanctuary during rainy season feels like walking in most peaceful place with lush green background where wind continuously flirt with hair, the nearby river Malini which looks vibrant in monsoon and Nainital lake where rivers are in full swing.

Uttarakhand also hosts few festival and fairs which act as a center of attraction during monsoon as there are Devidhura fair bagwal, Olia/Ghee Sanskriti and Kandali festivals which give more exposure to Bollywood films to show insight cultures and beauties of INDIA. Apart from these during monsoon as the temperature of Uttarakhand range from 15 to 25 degree Celsius which gives a perfect indelible view for films.

And Samhills which is one of the most popular agency in Uttarakhand provides not only location to shoot film but accommodation, transportation facility, location permits, camera and equipment for all season.


Why Uttarakhand for Film Shooting Location?

film shooting location In order to promote natural beauty and hilly area of Uttarakhand, the government has planned to bring film shooting location in valleys of Uttarakhand. It has been a tourist destination and it is still famous for various water sports, trekking, and other adventurous sports. However, the government wants to increase the overall capital income of state and shooting film is most profitable and comfortable option for them. The host provides all the facilities to the movie makers and facilitates shooting process. As a part of development and growth, the government invites feedback regarding location, facilities, and current film making policy in Uttarakhand.

Why only Uttarakhand?

The idea of movie shooting in Uttarakhand is to locate scenic beauty of the dotting hills so that whole state becomes a famous tourism state rather than only Rishikesh, Dehradun, Haridwar, Nainital, and other known places. Its popularity as a tourist destination will increase and an improved economy will stop the migration from hills.

This is the reason, the government is promoting film making so that local people residing in hilly areas have income. Government is also facilitating online suggestions on the DIPR (Director of Information and Public Relations) website so that they will draft better film policy benefiting both film producers and local people.

Films Shot In Uttarakhand

Most of the movies shot on real events, that does not give the rich glimpse of the state but it has boost tourism. The charming locations like Valleys, Hills, and Villages of Uttarakhand, also magnificent British era forest research building was featured in Raag Desh movie. This film shows the struggle of freedom of India under Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, it took about a month for shooting around Dehradun. This movie shows the natural beauty of this state, red fort trail of Army and Indian army’s life in Uttarakhand.


Top Destinations in Uttarakhand for Seneric Shoots

Talking about enchanting views of the Himalayan ranges and cultural philosophy that tells the simplicity of people living amidst nature. Uttarakhand is the land of religious values, scenic beauty, and spirituality. Moreover, for tourists, there are top destinations in Uttrakhand where you cannot miss to go to experience water sports, hill climbing, and ashrams where you can connect with your inner self.

For adventure lovers, Uttarakhand has various things to do like—trekking to the height of the Himalayas, snow sailing, and various water sports like river rafting in Rishikesh and Haridwar. In one place it is a place of adventurous sports and in another place, it is known for holiness of Ganga River and spirituality. Take little time to visit top destinations in Uttarakhand.

Samhills provides locations in uttarakhand for scenic shots, T.V Commercials, Video shootings provides complete stuffs to make your project dream came in Uttarakhand. One of the finest state with peace and friendly culture milieu, Uttarakhand provides for extremely favourable and serene locations for shoots and film backdrops.

Dehradun—a capital city of Uttarakhand is located between the Himalayan ranges where River Ganga and the Yamuna flow either side of the city. It gives the glimpse of natural beauty and ancient constructions.

Nainital—it is a lake district of Uttarakhand, people visit here for its scenic beauty with mountains on all around. People cannot resist visiting here.

Mussoorie—the queen of hills, you can also experience the snow covered Himalayan ranges from here. Here winter us chilling and summers are pleasant.

Rishikesh—a perfect combination of adventure and tranquility, where you can experience rafting, camping, rafting, and much more. It is a yoga capital of the world.

Haridwar—a gateway to the lord, here you can feel the calm atmosphere. No matter how many people visit here, the atmosphere will remain calm and spiritual. You must visit to get this experience of Kumbh Mela, festivals, and Ganga Aarti.

Kedarnath—a place located in the Garhwal Himalayan Ranges is the holiest pilgrimage of Hindus. As per Hindus, visiting this temple will bring them Moksha.


“The idea is to ensure more films are shot in the scenic locales dotting the hill state and it gets publicised as a major tourist destination. Its popularity as a tourist destination will also improve the local economy that will also help check forced migration from the hills.”

– Pankaj Kumar Pandey, (DG) DIPR